How To Extract Sound From Video

In case you need to get sound from a video clip or a movie, do not do those stupid things like turning the movie on and recording the sound on microphone, or looking for this soundtrack separately in the Internet for hours. Changing the format of the video file into audio file is also not very convenient, because it will take time, and also the end file will probably still be huge in terms of size, because it is not a pure sound, but video recorded as sound.

The most reasonable idea is to extract the audio file from the video file. This is much easier than you can actually think of it. You do not need any complicated paid software that you have to buy, download, unpack, and install on your device. You do not need to hire professionals to do that for you, or ask a nerd friend. Neither you need any specific skills or technical knowledge.

With modern technologies and free online platforms, you can totally do that yourself, easily, and in term of minutes. The only thing you should really pay attention to is the website that offers you the program to use. It is important to choose a reliable one, because you do not want to end up with malware uploaded onto your device without you being aware, tons of ads all over the place, or spam sent to your email after you register. So read our review to make sure you choose correctly.

Platforms Available

What you are looking for is a well-developed online platform that offers free of charge quality software in exchange for sign up for their newsletter. This is the best option because you do not have to pay, but still you get access to more or less reliable service.

Also, pay attention what formats the service supports, and whether it offers the one you need. In addition, check out if you can download the file immediately after the soundtrack was extracted.

So, here is the list of websites to check out:

  • Audio Extractor – as the name suggests, this is what you may need. If offers a bunch of formats and provides an instruction for each device and each format you potentially might want to work with.
  • – another handy website that enables you to do whatever you want in terms of extracting audio from video, of course. It explains how to extract sound from video of different formats, etc.
  • – not actually a platform that offers service, but it provides instruction for almost any case and any format. Make sure you check it before starting to work on the files.

It is not that hard to get audio from movie, so do not freak out. Just find a reputable website, and you will manage the task in some minutes!

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