Create Movie From Photos

People make more photos per day today than the humanity made for a whole year just a hundred years ago. Today, the photo is not just a method of keeping some image in memory. It is a method of visual communication because it is easier to capture a pic and send or show it, instead of typing a long text. The easiness of making images makes people share more of their life moments with friends, and just in general with the world.

On the other hand, due to this huge amount of images, people are no more interested in watching long lists of photos their friends or relatives would like to show after coming back from their vacation, or after getting professional photos from the marriage ceremony. It seems less engaging and more boring since the attention span in most people today is pretty short.

For such cases, more people consider they should create a movie from photos and add some music to keep their friends or relatives engaged in the process of viewing. Viewing pics together is a nice activity that makes people closer to each other, but if it is boring to tears, the effect is exactly the opposite. So making a video clip using your pics is a great idea.

Due to modern technologies and free online software, this is not a bit complicated, so do not worry, because you do not need any specific skills. Just find a reliable software, choose the method you will use, and follow instructions.

The Most Popular Methods

These are the most popular and easy ways to make a movie out of your pics:

Google: Open the Google Photos. Login into your Google account. Scroll down to the bottom and find Assistant. There, find Movies on top and tap. Select pics you would like to include in the movie, and tap on them. In the top right corner, choose to Create. Tap Play to see the result.

iPhone: Choose a list of photos or the whole album you would like to use for the movie. Tap Slideshow. Confirm that you want to change the format, and tap Selected to continue with the pics you selected during the previous step. Then tap Show to see the result.

Windows: Open your images. Click the button Create. Find the option Video Remix in the menu it offers. Select the images you would like to use for the clip. Click the Add button. Give your project a title. View the result.

As you see, there is nothing particularly complicated, and there are plenty of additional instructions for different platforms and software, to make movies out of your pics. Just choose some of the best, and make a slideshow. if you add a cool soundtrack, this will be the best photo watching the event you’ve ever had with your family.

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