How To Shoot A Music Video

Almost anybody today can shoot a music video without any problems. Basically, you must have the necessary equipment, of course, and also a team of several people to assist you, but in general terms, it is not as complicated as you may think.

Check our detailed guide on making musical movies to make sure you do not miss anything before you actually start to shoot.

Step By Step Guide on How To Shoot A Music Video

The first thing you have to do is, of course, choose a song or composition that you are going to use for the clip.

Then, you have to make sure you have all the equipment in place. The minimum of the hardware you need is:

  • camera;
  • light;
  • all things you will actually use in the movie itself.

As for the software, in case you plan to edit everything yourself during the post-production stage, check the editing programs available online for free. It is a good idea to find a reliable platform that offers free service in exchange for registration.

After you have gathered the equipment, think about the team.

In addition to the people who will actually participate in the video itself, you need a team to help you with filming. So, the minimum is a cameraman and the person responsible for the light.

The more advanced level is having a director who actually watches if everything goes fine. Also, you will probably need one additional person in any case, just to be on the safe side if the member responsible for light will need to go out, or something falls and you will need to hold it up, or if you suddenly run out of batteries and one will have to run and buy those.

Plan everything beforehand, starting from timing and supplies you need. One of the most important things is to plan the scene step by step. You essentially have to write a plotline by-line, who does what, exactly how he does it, and what all the team does in that same moment. This will prevent the actor’s block or creativity when you actually start filming.

One of the cool tricks you definitely want to employ is making some live footage or spontaneous scenes of the participants interacting, talking or laughing. The viewers also like to see the backstage shots of how the clip was created, so if you do not know what to add, add these scenes.

Another very cool tip you should know and apply when shooting a music clip is, if you plan to film the band actually playing and singing, always turn on the song on CD and make them play and sing simultaneously with it. This will create a perfect synchronization of the sound and video. Otherwise, the viewers will get an illusion as if the musicians do not actually sing the song.

These are the steps you want to take when creating a music clip. Make sure you do it the best way possible!

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