How To Make A Clip

Learning how to make video clips is very easy if you know where to go. Our step by step simple guide will walk you through the whole process and then we will discuss platforms and software you can use to produce and edit the clip. So don’t freak out, it is not that hard as you might have thought about it.

Step by Step Guide How to Make a Clip

The first thing you should consider is whether you use music for your movie or not. If yes, your scenario will be based on the length of the soundtrack you choose. If not, only the sky is the limit, of course, but for the very first time, you should try to work in 5 minutes scenario and not really more.

You will have to write a script for the whole video, and there are no other options for that, especially if this is not an event organized by someone else and you are just shooting to cut, crop and edit afterward. If you start the clip from scratch, you have to provide a detailed scenario of who does what, how, and when, and what the other team is doing at the very same moment.

Don’t forget the time scale for each action, otherwise, you risk of not fitting the limits.

Other aspects you have to consider is colors, accessories, places. Colors are important because you want to create a certain impression with the end viewer, and filters will not be able to change all the colors if you use wrong ones.

Accessories and places also play an important role, as they make half of the content in your movie.

Think about how you open and end the video, it has to be spectacular. If you need other people to help you with shooting, find a team of assistants. In case you actually already have pictures or short videos you would like to combine into one movie, with or without music, the task is a little bit different. Here, you will need to work mainly with the post-production processes like editing, applying filters, cropping, adding music, etc.

At this stage, you need to know what software to use and find reliable platforms that offer corresponding services, preferably free of charge.

Here are the websites you want to check:


These are the most popular and widely used for making clips. You can also test them with free trials and purchase a paid product which always offers more advanced features. Good luck!

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