Create Movie From Photos

People make more photos per day today than the humanity made for a whole year just a hundred years ago. Today, the photo is not just a method of keeping some image in memory. It is a method of visual communication because it is easier to capture a pic and send or show it, instead of typing a long text. The easiness of making images makes people share more of their life moments with friends, and just in general with the world.

On the other hand, due to this huge amount of images, people are no more interested in watching long lists of photos their friends or relatives would like to show after coming back from their vacation, or after getting professional photos from the marriage ceremony. It seems less engaging and more boring since the attention span in most people today is pretty short.
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Clip Video Converter

There is a little surprise more people are forced to work with different formats of files. Video files, audio files, clips, movies, soundtracks are more in use today because they are engaging and clients and users love them. As a result, all businesses and individual projects want to include those into their promotional campaigns or ads. So, if you are among those people, welcome to the club! You’re not alone.

In case you are only starting to learn the art of making videos and movies, don’t be stressed out. There is no particularly complicated magic behind it, just make sure you use reliable sources and learn step by step.
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How To Extract Sound From Video

In case you need to get sound from a video clip or a movie, do not do those stupid things like turning the movie on and recording the sound on microphone, or looking for this soundtrack separately in the Internet for hours. Changing the format of the video file into audio file is also not very convenient, because it will take time, and also the end file will probably still be huge in terms of size, because it is not a pure sound, but video recorded as sound.

The most reasonable idea is to extract the audio file from the video file. This is much easier than you can actually think of it. You do not need any complicated paid software that you have to buy, download, unpack, and install on your device. You do not need to hire professionals to do that for you, or ask a nerd friend. Neither you need any specific skills or technical knowledge.
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How To Make A Clip

Learning how to make video clips is very easy if you know where to go. Our step by step simple guide will walk you through the whole process and then we will discuss platforms and software you can use to produce and edit the clip. So don’t freak out, it is not that hard as you might have thought about it.

Step by Step Guide How to Make a Clip

The first thing you should consider is whether you use music for your movie or not. If yes, your scenario will be based on the length of the soundtrack you choose. If not, only the sky is the limit, of course, but for the very first time, you should try to work in 5 minutes scenario and not really more.
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How To Shoot A Music Video

Almost anybody today can shoot a music video without any problems. Basically, you must have the necessary equipment, of course, and also a team of several people to assist you, but in general terms, it is not as complicated as you may think.

Check our detailed guide on making musical movies to make sure you do not miss anything before you actually start to shoot.

Step By Step Guide on How To Shoot A Music Video

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